About Sala Salon

SALA Defined:

Sala / sa•la/  (Sp, It, Fr, Sw, Ger)--root of salon, saloon: A large or important room or hall; room used for reception and entertainment of guests, gathering place for conversation and experience of the arts.

Personal aesthetics in an atmosphere of comfort, inspiration and hospitality. Welcome to our room…

Welcome to SALA Salon where our mission is to marry beauty with wellbeing, awareness and sustainability.

Visit us and experience the difference.  SALA is Napa Valley’s only Aveda Salon.  SALA cares for you and the environment through conscious choices–that’s why we are an exclusively Aveda Salon.  Aveda has high standards for natural and sustainable practices in the beauty industry–that fits with SALA’s mission.

Beauty in harmony with nature.

We strive to give you a beautiful, beauty experience.

Come to SALA Salon to see, feel, smell and experience the natural difference

Beauty need not be at the expense of nature. At SALA, we see personal beauty as an extension of nature. That is why we are committed to natural products manufactured with care using sustainably grown and harvested plant materials. We believe in care, compassion, commitment and conscious choice as the path to beauty for all and wellness for the earth.

Aveda Products

We use Aveda Products exclusively in our services.

With over 800 products to choose from, we can customize your services and home care regimen. From shampoo and styling products to skin care and make up, Aveda leads the cosmetic industry in natural ingredients, responsible packaging and renewable energy use. Around the world, Aveda partners with indigenous people to source precious natural substances to produce the signature Aveda scents, looks and textures. The best part of the Aveda story is product performance: these are professional products formulated to achieve beautiful results.