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Hair Care

We have stylists at various price levels determined by education & experience.

Protégé:  Carefully chosen licensed professionals who are completing our in-salon training program.

New Talent:  SALA trained and closely mentored stylists.

Stylist: Experienced professionals who demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education, keeping them on the cutting edge of new techniques and trends.

Senior Stylist:  Those stylists who have many years of experience and feel the work on a deep level.

Lead Stylist: Our most experienced specialists. These Professionals bring a rich experience to our guests and act as mentors for the SALA team.

length and thickness of hair
Blessed with lots of hair? Longer and thicker hair can require additional product use and application time and may require more cutting and styling time as well. We may adjust the price of your services taking these factors into account.

Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy
Professional intensive treatments with products aimed at improving circulation and bringing balance to hair and scalp with active blends of organic essential oils. The treatments also address the texture and integrity of your hair with moisturizing and repairing concentrates.

Tap into the wisdom of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India) and combine the power of touch with aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp–the foundation for beautiful hair.

Shampoo-Blow Dry
Service includes relaxing shampoo and simple blow dry.

Add Iron Work
Includes use of curling iron, flat irons. For iron work, please advise us when reserving your appointment as it requires additional time.

Color Treatment
All-over color-no strand left behind!

Double Process
Bleaching and Toning. An all-over treatment to first lift your natural color, and then a second process to deposit the desired color.

A few foils placed around the face and around the crown of the head.

Foils placed all over the head. Especially important for long hair that is worn up.

Relatively darker shades of color applied with foils to add depth and dimension.

Corrective Color
For when you need a new beginning! Let’s start all over. Cost will be estimated after consultation.

To add curl, wave or body to your hair.

Texture Smoother
For smoothing wavy hair or hair that tends to have the frizzies. Lasts up to 3 months and gradually fades.

Retexturizing System
To permanently smooth or straighten your curly, wavy or “big” hair. Lasts until hair grows out.

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Career Commitment

• All technical staff members go through a training program and work for a period of time as a protégé. This means everyone, even people with lots of experience. This is not punishment, we have all learned about the culture of our business from doing and observing from the bottom up. It is your opportunity to relax into the salon scene. The training phase can be very quick or lengthy, depending on your level of expertise and ability to integrate into our culture. (We talk a lot about our salon culture in your interview.)

• Education does not stop when the training program stops. Education is not limited to the technical staff. We want our team to grow and blossom, which is why a commitment to continued learning is part of our culture.

• A word or two about nights and weekends— guests can often only come at those times— so, you will likely work some nights and weekend day(s). All new technical hires, when promoted to the floor, will be scheduled to work times that accommodate our guests—scheduling requires flexibility and advancement requires dedication and openness to working when needed by guests.

• Guest care or customer service is what our business is about. Everyone at every level of our company is totally responsible for this. “It’s not my job” can never cross your lips. Pleasing our guests is our number one priority. Sometimes this means cleaning, opening the door for a guest, serving a cup of tea, putting money in a parking meter or assisting another team member. We find it is easiest to work with a smile and let that energy radiate out into the space.

• We all work very hard to accomplish our goals and be successful in our positions. We are a committed group and only want to work with like-minded people. So all employees of our salon must be committed professionals and team players.

• The short list of important data:

  • We have daily Huddles (meetings) and monthly Salon gatherings and even a yearly social gathering which require your presence.
  • We have a dress code. Wardrobe, hair and makeup must be fashionable and in good taste.
  • Arriving to work on time is the only option.
  • Once you are eligible, we offer great benefits including: product and service discounts, tuition for education and hands-on industry classes.

• All potential employees must provide required US documentation confirming employment eligibility. All technical applicants must have a current professional license prior to working directly with guests. All technical employees must fill out prescribed tip claim forms.

• There are two by-words in our code of conduct:
Responsibility— doing things you promise to do and following up with commitments is a must.
Accountability— everyone is answerable for his or her actions. We do not play the blame game.
**Mistakes are not fatal, but lack of responsibility and accountability does not work here.

• In a nutshell: You must be nice. Smiles and a positive attitude are required. This goes toward guests and co-workers as well. Disrespectful language, gossipy tongues, cruel behavior, or just plain meanness will not be tolerated.

• We are here to serve our guests, make a good living and have fun doing it.

• We value everyone on our team. Respect is the currency of our culture.

• Your number one priority gets to be your own personal happiness and fulfillment…as long as what gets you there, includes the happiness of our guests.

Location, location, location…
• Location…

  • Napa, California
  • 50 minutes north of San Francisco.
  • Population approximately 75,000 people
  • roots are largely agricultural
  • grape and wine production is the dominant industry
  • world-wide reputation as a premier viticulture area
  • known as a dining Mecca with many world-class restaurants
  • appreciation of and emphasis on lifestyle
  • personal aesthetics and spa services are important part of the local landscape.

• Location…

  • 1315 First Street in Napa
  • in the heart of the downtown West End district
  • amid exciting city renovations and restorations
  • promising lively & varied environment
  • creating a new “look” for Napa through salon ambiance and artistic work with clients

• Location…

  • Napa’s only Aveda Lifestyle Salon
  • enormous opportunity to introduce the Aveda concept of beauty and wellness
  • Napa Valley is an amazing treasure of natural beauty.
  • the perfect backdrop for the conscious creation of a healthful lifestyle.

• The Aveda Mission: Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make, to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility—not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

Coming to visit us in the Napa Valley? Then check out the Visit Napa Valley website.

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