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Hair Care

We have stylists at various price levels determined by education & experience.

Protégé:  Carefully chosen licensed professionals who are completing our in-salon training program.

New Talent:  SALA trained and closely mentored stylists.

Stylist: Experienced professionals who demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education, keeping them on the cutting edge of new techniques and trends.

Senior Stylist:  Those stylists who have many years of experience and feel the work on a deep level.

Lead Stylist: Our most experienced specialists. These Professionals bring a rich experience to our guests and act as mentors for the SALA team.

length and thickness of hair
Blessed with lots of hair? Longer and thicker hair can require additional product use and application time and may require more cutting and styling time as well. We may adjust the price of your services taking these factors into account.

Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy
Professional intensive treatments with products aimed at improving circulation and bringing balance to hair and scalp with active blends of organic essential oils. The treatments also address the texture and integrity of your hair with moisturizing and repairing concentrates.

Tap into the wisdom of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India) and combine the power of touch with aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp–the foundation for beautiful hair.

Shampoo-Blow Dry
Service includes relaxing shampoo and simple blow dry.

Add Iron Work
Includes use of curling iron, flat irons. For iron work, please advise us when reserving your appointment as it requires additional time.

Color Treatment
All-over color-no strand left behind!

Double Process
Bleaching and Toning. An all-over treatment to first lift your natural color, and then a second process to deposit the desired color.

A few foils placed around the face and around the crown of the head.

Foils placed all over the head. Especially important for long hair that is worn up.

Relatively darker shades of color applied with foils to add depth and dimension.

Corrective Color
For when you need a new beginning! Let’s start all over. Cost will be estimated after consultation.

To add curl, wave or body to your hair.

Texture Smoother
For smoothing wavy hair or hair that tends to have the frizzies. Lasts up to 3 months and gradually fades.

Retexturizing System
To permanently smooth or straighten your curly, wavy or “big” hair. Lasts until hair grows out.

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