Looking back over Earth Day/ Earth Month at SALA

Re-View, Re-Commit and Re-New

We have heard the Recycle Triumvirate for years now: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. General response to this program has been slow and has required a shift in our world-view. Sometimes rewards have helped but in reality, all we need do is respond with appropriate action. When we reconnect with nature, the reward is there in the beauty and simplicity of the interconnections. We are not independent of what is happening to the earth, we are part of the changes. To realize this is to know that we must recommit to the 3 R’s. Yes, RECYCLE and encourage manufacturers to create more products capable of being recycled. Yes, REUSE packaging and products recreating different, usable items. But perhaps most important of all, we must REDUCE how much of everything we use. There is a helpful meditation that involves rewinding your day from last event to first–that way you are not fooled by the sequence of events and you can look at each action on its own merit. This allows us to recreate a response to each situation and make a new choice next time. By remembering, re-thinking and recommitting to saving resources, we can recreate a world that is healthy, sustainable and renewing.